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I am a Cast Member at Disney World in Epcot. If ever you have any questions, feel to send me an ask! My inbox is always open!

Finally got back from an AWESOME 21ST BIRTHDAY PARTY! Friends from my location at work come to Player 1. And AWESOME GAMER BAR NEAR MY APARTMENT! And two of the coolest people came! :3 thebrightstar and fantasylanded!! I finally got to meet Kaylyn! I was so excited to finally say hello! :3 I had an absolute blast!

We played Injustice: Gods among us. And they both kicked my ass. :/ thanks guys. I didn’t win a single game. I got so close, and then I would lose. haha. Oh well! Next time! I WILL WIN! How ever, I am a dance central 3, and just dance 2014 master. Just sayin’. I know I can always win those games.

I wanted to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I want to respond to them all individually! So I will answer them in the morning. :) And hello to my new followers! Glad you could make it! And I hope you enjoy your stay! <3

(I will upload the one picture I took tomorrow too. :3 )

Made a little bday present for you but I'm too dumb to figure out how to upload it lol

Awwww!!!! You are so precious!! :3 you can submit it to me? Or post it to your own blog and tag me? How ever you’d like to do it, love! :)